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If you thought about using a Coin Master mod apk you should think twice. Yes, you can get free spins and coins, but there are some other important things you might have missed.

You won’t play on public servers

If you decide to use the Coin Master mod apk you should know you won’t play on public servers anymore. You will be playing on some private servers and it’s not impossible that you get banned for using a mod, even if the game is free. But most importantly: You won’t play with your regular Facebook friends anymore. You will be playing with some unknown people that use the same mod.

Everyone has the same advantage

Guess what happens if you play on private server with people who all use the same mod? Exactly, everyone will have access to free spins and coins. This means there is no benefit for you at all. Think about this. If everyone has the same advantage, is it still an advantage?

coin master mod apk

They are not safe

Basically, you don’t know who modified or uploaded the mod apk. It could be anyone. And not all of them could have good intentions. There are many people trying to infect your device with viruses. If you don’t know what you’re doing, do not download Coin Master mod apk under any circumstances. In the worst case they could have access over all your files, passwords and even your camera and microphone.

They put their own ads and more

You never know how they really change the code of the game. Some modifier might add advertising to the game or add their own in-game currencies. If you don’t like that, the Coin Master mod apk is definitely not for you.

Mods can be dangerous to your device

In order to use a mod apk you need a jailbreak or root. There are a lot of dangers when it comes to modifying the software of your device. For example you will lose the warranty of your phone or tablet. Also, you won’t be able to update the firmware of your device anymore. In the worst case it will make your phone useless by destroying the filesystem.

Use our Coin Master online hack generator instead of the Coin Master mod apk! You will be able to play on public servers, you will have all the coins you want and there are no risks involved for your device. Just follow our instructions carefully.

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